When I decided to step back from producing “fine art”, I wanted to put my creative efforts towards more meaningful outcomes. Essentially, with all the toxic noise + nonsense polluting our current society… I wanted my work to more directly benefit the people + organisations who actually restore my chronically fatigued faith in humanity.

So that brings me to what will hopefully be the first of a line of tote bags; “for the love of difficult birds

I first became aware of the Difficult Birds Research Group a few years ago and have been longing to create something to raise awareness of their exceedingly important work ever since. 

They are based at ANU and in their own words: ”We study Australia’s most endangered birds and are dedicated to understanding their ecology and conservation. Our research focuses on understanding the processes that threaten endangered birds, and we seek to identify the ways that we can intervene to prevent extinction.”

Inspired by another incredible lutruwita-based organisation (Keep Tassie Wild), 50% of the profits from the sales of these bags will go directly to aiding the group in continuing their brilliant work.

Thanks so much for stopping by!